This newly-built 900-square-foot Williamsburg condo didn’t require structural changes, but did need some straightforward, affordable solutions to make small-space living more palatable. A blend of brand-new, antique, and vintage pieces elevate an otherwise cookie-cutter space, creating a sense of history and a depth of character seldom seen in new constructions.

Dark, heavy furniture would have cramped the room, visually. To facilitate flow, we utilized modern glass-top tables and furniture that didn’t quite hit the floor. Vintage accents and artwork—like the colorful salon-style gallery wall, antique crystal chandelier, and lightly finished furniture in the master bedroom—are fun, interesting counterpoints to the condo's white-box construction.

In the second bedroom, a custom-designed built-in shelf system houses the homeowners’ ever-growing book collection, creating a library-cum-office space. When guests visit, furniture gets shuffled, and a custom-made platform folds down to provide a full-size sleeping surface which stays hinged to the wall when not in use.

A private, rooftop cabana sitting directly above the unit required customization tailored to the couple’s penchant for entertaining. A skylight sat awkwardly, 1ft off the ground, in the center of the space. We designed a taller frame to surround the skylight, with a removable panel that provides extra seating, an ample serving table, and a tanning bed. A drop-down bar positioned above an ugly exhaust fan also makes clever use of space.

Allegra Muzzillo