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ACM Interiors is a residential design studio owned and operated by the Brooklyn-based designer, Allegra Muzzillo. 

THE Mission

Allegra specializes in creating eclectic, multilayered spaces that ooze color and texture—and she’s known for her unique ability to source and blend fun antique and vintage home furnishings with those of known brands and independent artisans. Allegra’s wicked sense of humor, unflappability, and pragmatism ensure she’s fun to work with, a calming presence, and an innovative problem-solver. 

ACM Interiors balances the timelessness of high-quality finishes and materials with fresh, one-of-a-kind elements evocative of your lifestyle (and personality!) to create comfortable spaces meant to be lived in and savored.


MEet Allegra

Hi, I’m Allegra. I started my design journey in late-90’s New York City, where I started out by writing, and then producing and editing, home design articles for many well-known print and online publications.

After a long career in publishing (although I still write for various outlets) I switched gears and began offering my handpicked collections of vintage furniture and home decor at the Brooklyn Flea. The vintage business was something I learned from my mother, and I’m very passionate about using vintage pieces in all of my projects.

Once You & Yours Fine Vintage gained traction, I opened a retail outpost in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, where I spent years honing my eye for designing fun, functional, inviting spaces that reflect my clients' tastes and behaviors. (I also spent a year working for the large interior design company, Homepolish.)

I’ve since shifted from my 7-year retail enterprise and founded ACM Interiors to work solely on interior design projects.

ACM Interiors offers a variety of interior design services, ranging from full renovations to smaller room revamps, Airbnb property revivals, paint color consultations, fabric selection, and more.